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Originally Posted by A VIKING View Post
I got to thinking about throttle 2 today on the 2702 and played around with settings.
This is what I found out.
I knew I couldn't set end points on the Ice in Throttle 1 and that I had to do it in Throttle 2. None of the Ice programing settings are allowed on the 2702 in throttle 1 position.
In the past I had always set it up in throttle 2 position and then swapped back to position 1.
What I noticed today but didn't pick up on before was that after setting up the end points I only had to move the throttle 1 % to get motor rotation at the bottom end in throttle 2, which was what I expected but after changing the Ice back to throttle 1 the end points that were set up earlier were gone. It would take about 11% of throttle movement off the bottom to spin the motor.
I called Phoenix about it and explained what I was seeing and they said stick with throttle 2 position as it will respond better with the Ice 50. It will also in their opionion perform better in auto rotation.
I did put a couple flights on it tonight in throttle two position with good results (no auto's though). Can't say it was that different from throttle 1 but I know for a fact I have more throttle available.

Anyone else with the Ice 50 shed some light on this?
Love the govener!

Well, if you remember. I recently came to this conclusion as well. I don't think i have mentioned it but since installing the first new RX on my old heli i have been flying using the throttle 2 port full time with no issues and i MUCH prefer the throttle response without a governor. With a governor you may not notice the smoother higher resolution feel to the throttle because it does not rev the throt. But the throttle 2 port is where I will now always suggest to plug the ESC in if it's not the stock ESC. It's also more convenient for when i want to program the ESC. I don't have to fuss with wires and worry about wearing out a lead or something playing with it. You just reminded me i need to edit my build log with this info.

Now let me just tell you how to "fool" the 2702V into throttle end point programming using the first throttle port. This works for my two different model Hobbywing speed controllers. I'm not sure of the method used to program end points on the Castle Ice. For the HW ESC you just need to leave the throttle in the UP position while binding, wait for indicator then move the throttle down. Though there is no reason to do this ever. But i think it's the same for the ICE? If it's not than this info will only pertain to Hobbywing and maybe some other brand ESC. But again. It's never going to be needed unless your throttle 2 port is broken.

Please be safe and remove your blades or plug the motor in reverse so it will not be able to spin anything but the main gear. Having it plugged in may effect the following, but i am unsure.

First bind up your heli like you would to fly it, with the throttle DOWN, then unplug. For my HW ESC, this step seems to help the ESC recognize the down point's exact position on the TX. Though that could be all in my head. Then put the throttle stick UP and turn on the throttle hold switch. The next part has to be timed pretty close. As soon as the heli starts to bob the swash you need to flip off the throttle hold switch. If done correctly the ESC should enter throttle end point programming mode and then subsequently programming mode if you wait long enough. You should be able to set a proper throttle end point for the throttle 1 threshold. If you check your data logging on each port you will have different numbers. Heliflyer711 did this at one point but i can't find that post.
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