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Originally Posted by cwojcik View Post
I got a few flights on mine and wow is it impressive. I will weigh it tomorrow and see where it is, but in the air it feels just like a good depron airplane. I didn't think it was possible but I like it more than the standard Crack Yak.

It's not too floaty at fact it flies very similar to the normal Crack Yak but with a much more pure response. The airplane it reminds me most of is Donatas' Sultimate. You can pull or push as hard and fast as you want and it will make perfectly square corners without losing energy or rolling out. It will float along like a butterfly if you pull the throttle back or whip around at silly speeds if you open it up. The light 2S system provides insane power.

Gents, I was "this" close to getting the reg CY, now I see this. Can't get em both at the moment, so gotta decide!

I'm 3D all the way (heli's & fixed) the question is which to get...Cwojcik, thx for the comparison.

The reality is, just ain't no good indoor places to around here fly that are accessible outdoor flt is a must.. Now I know, and I've seen, that the reg CY handles a light breeze well.

But my mantra is "build light, fly light; fly low, fly slow" which one to order?? I mean I know the reg CY rocks, everybody does...but when I see CY "lite" I flip my proverbial wig!

Help me!!! CY or CYL????
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