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Got 10 batteries through it this evening. Weather went from way too much wind to not enough to give it a test. Tonight was 3-5 mph and beautiful weather. I believe it flies as good as my version 1 in most everything I have tried and a bit better in a few things. The only thing I am really going to work on is landing it. It seems like it doesn't want to land. Almost like the as3x system is giving it some up elev as you slow it down and then it finally gets so slow about 6-10 inches off the ground that it sort of plops down the last little bit. I don't land this way preferring to fly all the way to the ground. I want it to hit rolling on the main gear with wheels on or slide across the grass for a few feet without wheels over grass. Haven't been anywhere where I could put the wheels on and grass landings it just stops when it hits the ground. Scuffed up the fake air intake on the front pretty bad, so coated it with a thin coat of epoxy, painted and then covered it with a small piece of blenderm. Afraid I would beat up the gear pretty bad this way. Have to practice flying it down lower faster to get it to slide I suppose. Haven't tried anything real fancy as I'm not that proficient, but loops, rolls, knife edge, inverted flight are all duck soup. Played with battery placement and so far like it with a bit over 1/4" out in front of the back of the hatch opening. It takes just a bit of down to maintain level inverted flight like this, but if I move it back further, seems like it wants to drop the tail low in upright flight when you slow it down. Seems to be stable at somewhat low speeds, but abruptly reaches a speed that controls are not effective anymore without much warning. If you just punch it quickly all is well though. Anyway, that's sort of my 2 cents worth from an advanced beginner that's a long long way from being an expert.
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