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deltas are cool
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the fan and ESC were not changed ,i madiened it with a 4000 4s ,then we flew it with a 5000 4s ,then a 4000 5s (ESC did not allow us to fly at Full power?) then on sat we flew with the 4000 4s and then 5000 4s ,i had GaRY FIDDLE WITH THE esC AND I DID A STACTIC RUN WITH THE 5000 5s and it ran fine ??? we hav'nt flown it at that weight yet ,also we did full flap ,half ,no flap takeoffs and landed with half ,and full flaps. most the flight were 3-4 mins and on the 4min flight we were down to 20% left . so im happy with what we are seeing ,Brent flew it pretty hard from the 2nd flight on ,high speed passes with pulls to the vert,also high G 360's down low. and it just flew great. has a nice flat glide and when landed with a bit of power it comes in's not a real brick,but it need some power ,the flaps are oversized a bit to help with the landings. there was a lot of vid taken so im sure with in a few days they will show up.
and yes we can make spare parts available ,im sure i will need some when i start flying it .i might need a non scale ,or the red and white one to see it better
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