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Originally Posted by brontide View Post
It's really hard to get that low on the weight unless you are using smaller props which will affect your lifting capacity. Like I said dt700-10x4.5 combo weighing in at 1200-1300 grams is a tad sluggish. You can run bigger or more efficient props, but then your frame is going to get heavier. Also the more you push the more important your ESC becomes as well.

Probably, yes, but ecalc would indicate you are more in the range of 77% of throttle with 11" props and would have a 6 minute flight time. Going with a 200g GoPro drops that to 58% throttle and a 10 minute max flight time.

DT700 prop efficiency testing thread. You will see a big difference between 50% max lift and lift at 50% throttle.
Thanks man...

I did go bigger on the ESC's ( New 20a turnigy multistar ). 11 inch props. I also factored in 50 grams for the props and excess wieght in my calculations. The frame i'm going to use is 195 grams. I'm also going to direct connect all the wires verses using a heavier board ( Solder ). So I think i'm going to be pretty close to that weight depending how the frame goes together.

Its not going to hurt to try a dummy load and see if it works. I have a go pro and 3 cameras. Only the rebel has the lower weight and excellent quality.

If not this becomes my learning quad and we build a bigger one.

Thanks for the help guys. Appreciated!!!!

Blue Skies

Edit * I just looked at that efficiency thread. A 12 inch prop would give me 1728 grams of thrust at 50% throttle. The esc's I have can handle the amperage. So it all comes down to how light the build comes out.
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