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Originally Posted by yomgui View Post
I don't know what's strange with that motor, even if it's really strange or not... and if it does the job... who cares ??

Just a guess but doesn't it might looks like you don't reach WOT or something ??

Amps and rpm not sticking to kv, low efficiency... looks like that IMO
I am using a servo tester for a throttle and a Phoenix 80 ESC. When I power up I have the servo tester knob in the center position. When I turn the servo tester up (CW) when it sees full throttle it sends a tune, then I turn it down (CCW) and when the P80 sees a throttle closed value it sends another tune and arms arms itself.

That mid throttle start up then to full and then to closed is the standard way to calibrate the throttle on a P80 and I do it on every start up.

Then when I turn the servo tester up the motor runs and a ways before I have it rotated fully CW the red "full throttle" LED on the P80 lights up. So it is seeing valid no throttle and full throttle signals from the servo tester.

I just did all the same things using a TX (mid throttle at start, close it to arm, etc.) all the same things happen.

So I did two more no load tests, one using the transmitter and the other using the servo tester and both get me the same no load RPM:

Transmitter = 13039 RPM 16.32V 2.29A = 799 kV

Servo tester = 13038 RPM 16.27V 2.25A = 801 kV

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