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Smells like SCIENCE!!!
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Wow, lots going on with this design! I love all the variations.

Originally Posted by Swammy1979 View Post
Loving the flight characteristics of that bird, ibillwilson!! Makes me want to build a doublesheet of dtf. I've been told I fly like an old man, so the gliding would be perfect for me. How do you join the sheets together?
Swammy, I joined the sheets together in two basic stages. First, a single strip of packing tape is applied to attach the two sheets together... only on the surface that will be the bottom of the wing. Second, I open the gap on the top side a little and run a generous bead of hot glue from one end to the other, and then close the gap and hold it until the glue cools fully.

That joins the sheets together. The seam is pretty strong. The 60" width is still floppy though, so you will need a few spars. I've flown this bird many, many times, and while I've had a couple of wing flex issues (looked like a bird with wings flapping!), there have been no issues with the seam... it has held strong with no signs of breaking.
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