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Missing Parts from Hobbyking Shipment

Well I have purchased countless models from HK over the fast 5 years.....and I lost count of the Thousands of dollars amount!! but I received this kit the other day minus bag Spare Parts Bag 1 and 3!! So ended up without a spinner, although the propeller was separate in the packing.......and the rear brace to attach the tailplane and fin.

Usual story from the wonderful service at HK on line chat......"weigh the box and take pictures" yes after they basically turn the box inside out for you when they pack it to save their packaging materials so it makes it very difficult to put it all back together again to de engineer their packing process.

Yes I told them where to go for that as the 2 missing parts bags would have barely weighed 15gms!!!

Why cant they admit that their quality control in their packing department in leaving out things appears to be on the rise??? Maybe my parts ended up in some one elses Edge 540 box as extras....lucky for them.

But all I want is one spinner and the tail brace !!!! but I have to go through a whole lot of burecauracy to get that!

I have managed to put the kit together with another spinner (white) that I have in my years of collecting spares...and I fashioned a brace out of tin plate and painted get over that. That was definitely faster than getting my paid parts back from HK.

But I will still be taking this up with Scott or Stuart.....if they are reading this post to see if they can simply just send me these two parts in an envelope......which customer serviced from HK should do in the first place WITHOUT QUESTIION.

After all I did spend nearly $200 including batteries on this shipment to be basiclly left with a grounded model!

Posted a pic below of my in progress. I have installed Wing Fences that have worked on my previous models to improve aerodynamics and laminar flow over the aerofoil at high AOA. I am using a MAC of 120 mm as a guide for a
25% to 35% calculation of COG which places it between 40mm and 30mm from the LE. My all up flying weight will be well over 700gm with the Turnigy 1.8 Nanotechs and I will be using the same Tx computer programming I have for my Retro series "Pioneer" including flaperons would you believe! My COG because of the high finished wieght of this model (which is about the same of my HK Tiger Moth at 726g FW) will be set at the forward limit 30mm.

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