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I was so excited to finally (after wanting one for 35 years) get a Laser that I was flying it crazy fight from the start. I had several nasty accidents with it and until the very last one, I never hurt it, and even that wasn't so bad. I just can't be out there representing Extreme Flight and flying ragged out looking planes, so I retired it. It was still in very solid flying condition.

Early on I had a rudder servo playing up, so I changed it our right there at the field. People were crowded around the plane asking how fast does it go, how high does it go.... you know the drill... and I was distracted enough that I forgot to screw the servo in. On the next flight I did a KE spin that was so violent it blew the servo out of the opening and jammed the rudder at full deflection, so it got stuck in the KE spin. At the last second I managed to get the wings level and pouned it in hard on the gear. Obviously the gear broke and an SFG folded up, and naturally the prop, but I had a spare gear in the car, and after a good check over, we made a video with the plane!

The first generation EXPs are rugged aiplanes, but the Laser doesn't give anything up in that area. That and it flies awesome. I just ordered another one so I can have a spare.
Doc Austin is online now Find More Posts by Doc Austin
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