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Originally Posted by ezeeetm View Post
update to the time lapse battery capacity tests:

with the configuration and setup below, I got 9 hours and 38 minutes. I compiled a video with PhotoLapse...its uploading now @ 22% will post in a bit.

photo frame 1280x960, @60s time-lapse
camera fully charged
USB external battery using two lithium AAs (1.5V in series = 3V) through a home made boost converter putting out a regulated 5V. Note I used lithium batteries, no L-ion or Li-poly, just plain old super expensive and energy dense lithiums.

Also, I'd like to correct my previous post that there is no indicator blink on image captures after the first one: there is, it's just really hard to see because I think the red stays on as well.
Nice, want to see this !
Hate it when youtube takes forever to upload and finish a clip...

Hope its up soon
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