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Originally Posted by turboparker View Post
At 1.04g vs. 0.96g, my bullet blades are about 8.3% heavier than the regular blades. In comparison, my mCP X weighted blades are about 7.6% heavier, and my 130X weighted blades are about 9.7% heavier. So, the nCP X bullet blades are as "weighted" as the others, which do have visible weights. As Ruzam noted, it is the added weight that provides the increased stability - not the bullets, per se.

Here is the way it was explained to me, The way the different blades work is actually pretty simple. Heavy blades "the bullet blades" actually swing back a little as the rotor spins and because of this makes it more stable while the Lighter weight blades do nearly to opposite, they swing straight out or even a little forward as the rotor spins and because of that it makes the blade more responsive. I know that when I first heard this I was a little confused since I thought they all swung straight out but my buddy at the field is a very experianced heli pilot r/c and full size and he gave a good analogy on how this works.....When riding in someones car stick your hand out the window, now hold your hand straight out or even a bit forward of yourself "it's really easy to make it go up and down with little effort", now do the same thing but hold your hand as far back as you can go "The up and down movement is much less sensitive to the pitch change of your hand". Just thought I'd share something I found interesting.
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