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Originally Posted by Rickn816 View Post
Has anybody there actually built this thing? Using the instructions that come with it?

The descriptions for the aileron servos are adequate. Take another look at the instructions for the flap servos. I presume we use the 3-inch extensions, but the instructions are silent.

Page 13 - a glue stick? What are you talking about?

Why does the flap servo cover have a slot in it? What should we use to glue the servo fairings to the wing? A little help here, guys.

And, look at page 20. There are two sets of camber settings. What should I do?


The paper manual must be different from the PDF.

I looked at page 13 and don't see any reference to a glue stick. In fact I can't find a reference to a glue stick anywhere in the manual. Perhaps you could be more specific. The "required" lists 2 kinds of epoxy and 2 CAs, but no glude stick.

I don't see any camber settings on page 20 of the PDF manual. But on page 39 it lists:

Camber Settings:
Speed: 1mm up both ailerons and flaps
Cruise: 1mm down both ailerons and flaps
Thermal: 3.5mm down both ailerons and flaps

Are these what you are asking about? These are typical sailplane camber settings. These mixes would be included in a typical sailplane radio. If this was a pure rather than electric, there would be a launch setting also. And some people have 2 thermal camber settings.

If your radio can't provide both ailerons and flaps for your camber settings, then just do the flaps for your camber settings. This will work fine. On a standard 4 channel radio, before there were computer radios, they would just put the flaps on the left stick and had marks that would correspond to the camber setting, or they would use the throttle trims to set camber during the flight.

If you are not familiar with camber settings, this may be helpful:

Choosing a sailplane radio

Best Practices for camber settings

Setting Surface Throws

On page 18 of the PDF I see the slot in the flap cover. Good question about the slot. Only guess is that originally the control arms were going to be external and, when they moved them internal the did not redo the flap covers. Or these are covers they use for another model and they just reused them. Likely you can just tape over the slot. If you glued some 1/64 ply over the cover to cover the slot it would be stronger but probably not needed.

Typically you don't glue servo covers/fairings to the wing. You tape them on so that you can remove them if you ever have to service the servo or the control arms. Clear packing tape works well.
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