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Originally Posted by theKM View Post
when I started I went out of my way to replicate the setups of those like Scott and AJ who had the flying skills that I wanted to replicate. Pick a person who flies the way you want to fly, copy their way of doing things. This was simply to reduce the variables. If I could remove the variables of the setup, then then only thing that was preventing me from flying like those guys is me and my own flying skill. With the attitude that with practice I can improve my flying skills, and if set up right it should be the only variable I had left in my way stopping me from reaching my goals.

...if I didn't have a replication of their setup, then it means that I had to fly differently. and I didn't want to fly differently, I wanted to fly like them

This also dove-tailed the way I was taught graphics and illustration... especially hand drawing things like comics: copy other people's work relentlessly, your own style and craft will come in time, the only thing between you and that goal is practice.

So for me, replicating setups and simply getting as much practice as possible helped me out immensely. Also meant that when I did get a chance to fly planes owned by those who I wanted to emulate, I was comfortable with their planes and could appreciate the differences.

Also keep in mind that when it comes to many things, a setup that helps one maneuver will hinder another. For example, anyone who is flying a tail heavy plane because they feel it helps them hover, they're then having to fight much more pitch coupling in knife edge flight, a plane that isn't tracking as well and also has a higher degree of pitch sensitivity. When you change a setup detail for one reason or another, it's likely that it's making the learning curve on other maneuvers much steeper. Is again a reason that I replicated setups of others flying in the way in which I wanted to replicate; have them decide where the middle ground was. thanks to copying Scott and AJ, I've never had to move my CofG location preference whether flying precision or 3D.

In copying their setups I also never really had to question the reason why I could or couldn't do a maneuver as the answer was always my flying ability...
Also I ASK!! those top pilots to fly my plane and give me their thoughts on my setup. Aron you flew my 72 last year, you noted you would prefer the faster savox on the ailerons to but it wasn;t big deal. Wamsey flew my 71 at the FLI, I thought it had a little to much differential in the ailerons. James flew it like his and noted maybe a little bit but not enough to change his flying style. Ben recently flew that reborn 72 with more weight up front to my liking and noted the was set up perfect after a click or 2 of trim.

Yea I tend to remember things exactly when the top guys tell me something. And Jim I'm running lawnboy in my DLE!!
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