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Originally Posted by Doug W View Post
Name the day and we'll go flying- I'd love to see that Ethopian that's ready to maiden. If there is a reasonable weatehr day next week, we'll try it again as the flying site has maybe two weeks or so before it is unusable due to construction.

And we ALWAYS have multiple adult beverages prior to RC...seriously, have you considered how big that Windrider 737 is? And it has all those systems and servos and lights and stuff? I'm too intimidated by it to fly RC sober.

But I do fly real airplanes sober to make up for my RC'ing.
Originally Posted by Smokin_Joes
It was a last minute call, dependent upon current conditions at the runway.
We did talk about having the three of us up to fly there, so soon my friend! Would be awesome to see three of Ming's creations!

We had fog all day that finally burnt away so by the time the bird got into the air, it was a race against the setting sun. Visibility was still excellent, and the navigation and landing lights were just simply awesome! I'll have to see if some pics I took are worthy to post, but this was one thing you just had to see with your own eyes- if you know what I mean.

Doug can certainly fly. I hope I can prove myself to be at least a third of how good! Was a good 82 day stretch of no rain!
Thanks Guys, unfortunately it seems the weather has taken a turn for the worse in considering flying. Furthermore, the more I contemplate flying off the grass field I usually use, the more I decide against this. The Grass is a bit tall and now usually wet.
@ Doug, when the construction site is fully functional, what would be your next option? or rather where is your second private runway located?

@ Neil, How's your build coming along. I'm ready to maiden the Ethiopian however, I have no idea where to fly now

I'm also itching to order my second W737 (winter build ) as long as Doug promise's this time to do build the Fowler flaps for me as I'm no where close to that level of craftsmanship.


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