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Originally Posted by Murocflyer View Post
Some feel the need to argue about something solely for the sake of arguing. Some people seem to take pleasure in arguing with others and if they feel they "won" an argument, they are happy. Sadly, this is not against RCG rules and the only prevention is just not acknowledge their posts. These RAers will try and try to get you to argue with them, say nasty things about you in response to others to bait you into arguments, but hold your ground and say nothing back to them or simply say you are not interested.
You seem to be describing yourself here. Since you keep making repeated postings arguing with and insulting leccyflyer and you then have the cheek to advise "holding your ground and saying nothing" I'd say that makes you a "recreational arguer" par excellence .

And now I've joined in....but that's o.k. I freely admit I sometimes find a little amusement from these goings on, particularly when there are several people who all really cannot stand not having the last word .

BTW leccy,sorry but on the main point you're wrong. Until this new forum suggestion there has never been a single forum dedicated solely to wood builds of anything no matter what type of model. There have been many forums where these builds were and still are appropriate but none where the ONLY criteria for inclusion is "made of wood" and it's considered reasonable to mix up electric indoor models, gas giant scale, 3D models, sailplanes and, since it's under Aircraft General, presumably autogyros, ornithopters, free flight and control line models....just so long as they're wooden .

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