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V450 Canopy Liner Experiment!

After 2 of my friends broke their smart phone screens. While i have dropped mine dozens of times without breaking mine. I started to wonder why my phone, being the same exact phone was so much more resilient. I started asking them about how they protected their phone. The irony is BOTH use a very expensive otter box and BOTH broke their screen inside the otter box. This was fascinating to me because i was using a $8 rubber jacket thing. It just kind of griped over the back of the phone. I'm sure this rubber material absorbed some of the impacts. But there is no way that was the only thing that saved me! The one guy used a screen protector, that was actually still attached to the shattered screen. The other was using no screen protector. Where as i on the other hand was using a $20 military grade Invisishield screen protector. Anyone who has ever used one of these knows they are thicker, denser, and nearly rubber like in consistency. I'm positive that rubber like coating being tightly sealed against the glass was enough to absorb and nullify most impact shockwaves. Not only that but the rubber sticking to the glass also strengthens it just by being there. kind of like how two pieces of paper can be that much harder to fold than one.

Anyway, i decided it's time to try and mimic that result with my Walkera V450D01. First rubber like coating experiment will/has been applied. I am trying this spray on rubber coating. The particular brand i used was called plasti-dip

The spray dries just like rubber and sticks like paint. Unfortunately it kind of messed up the paint i put on the outside of the canopy. So you should definately coat the inside first. Clean the outside with alcohol to remove any overspray before it dries. Then paint the outside after allowing the plasti-dip to dry overnight. Here is what it looks like, at least for this one that was already painted. If this works out, it will hopefully beat lining the inside with packing tape. Which is what i used to do to prevent it from cracking and splitting so easily.

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