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Is getting old...
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Ahh dammit..

Flew it (again) today, third pack total on the bird.. 3:30 on the timer, coming in for a landing.. oh darn, there goes my 300 hitting LVC and falling like a rock from 40ft. Landed on the skids, broke the skids, cracked the frame in probably 5-6 places. Fuuuuuu. Test hovered it for probably 30 seconds prior to the flight, didn't top up the lipo, I got a solid 5 minutes out of the pack yesterday, thought it would be able to handle 3.5 minutes for sure. Can someone explain WHY heli's have a hard lvc cutoff? All my planes, the motor will pulse, oh, time to come in for a landing, nice and smooth, no damage to lipo. But nope, heli just falls like a rock, while all I can do is watch in horror and yell profanities. I'd rather ruin a $12 lipo than having to tear down my heli to replace a frame and more. 3.2v left per cell on the lipo, if it was a soft cutoff I could have easily landed and still kept the thing above 3.0v/cell.

Oh well... /sigh

Also, why is the frame made from such a wet noodle plastic? Where is the carbon frame? Ergh. Maybe I should have spent an extra $30 and bought a 450x. Darn me and my impatience.
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