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Originally Posted by TeamHorizon View Post
Firstly my apologies on the manual contradiction, it has been corrected on line and will be represented in all further shipments. There was some debate in testing this project which motor works best and why there was 2 motor choices. My apology for missing this in the final proof, I take full responsibility.
The good news, they both work well. Itís a tradeoff for performance vrs duration.
As to which one is best, it really depends on the owner. As this product is intended to the newer soaring pilot more launches may be favorable so the 870 will be your choice. If youíre a more experienced soaring pilot then the 1250kv may be your preference, it will give greater climb rate however less duration, 10-15% less than the 870 roughly speaking, obviously you are pulling greater amps with the higher kv motor.

Hope this clears things up,

Kind regards

Originally Posted by NewRCer View Post
Is it the 870 or the 1250 Power 25 that should be used? Little confused there.

The kit comes with the linkage protectors, but they dont show how they should be attached. It appears your cut them out of the molded form and expoxy them on, but the way they are pictured would lead me to believe there is very little surface that actually comes in contact with the wing surface. Almost like trying to glue a piece of paper on edge to a table, if you know what I mean.

There are also 2 other pieces in the mold with a suggested round partially cut circles in the mold, but there is no explaination what those are recommended for. Are those something to protect the undercarriage from getting scratched up on surfaces other than a grass field landing? I would think there would be something protecting the underbelly from getting too beat up.
The PDF of the manual (revised, see above) on the 3rd post in this thread states that the 870 is the suggested motor...

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