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A little reference for flying. This is from the panel of a Diamond DV-20 I fly here in Florida. Look at the instruments and read the numbers and get used to the dials and what they represent. All airplanes are "trimmed" for a certain speed. If you dive they will want to pull up by themselves because they are trying to get back to the speed you have them set for. So everytime you pull the throttle back it will want to dive/ decend so it can keep the same speed. So trim is neccesary all the time for speed changes. Practice trimming for a certain speed.

Look at the gauges -Gauge "A" airspeed 100 kts, "B" in a 10 degree bank to the left, "C" 2920 feet altitude, "D" 2550 rpm on the motor, "E"showing the 10 degree bank to the left and the ball in the center means the rudder is making the plane fly in coordinated flight, "F" heading 245 degrees magnetic, "G" climbing at 190 feet per minute, "H" using the GPS for guidance and I am slightly right of the course line I have shown on the GPS at position "J". "K" Transponder showing 1200 for Visual Flight Rules that I am flying under.

How to read the panel for most planes the gauges will look similar.
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