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Just finished a few flights in the living room. Man, what a blast this thing is! I'm starting to get flying precision circuits down, but I'm having a tougher time nose-in hovering this bird than, say, my brushless mCP X, 130X, or 300X. The beauty is that if I get a case of brain-lock & whack the wall, this bird simply bounces!

One thing I noticed is that for best precision, the blades need to have some drag. Just enough so that when held the bird is held horizontal with the blades straight, a good single shake will make them drop (pretty much the same as how one sets the blade-drag on larger birds).

Also, this thing really is about as tough as an mSR! I've bounced it off the walls & hardwood floors a number of times (a few times, even while spooled-up), without a bit of damage. And this is a CP bird??? Amazing. I am impressed!!

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That's actually a very good analogy and good explanation. Thanks!

Thanks! And, you're welcome! I flew one flight like an old fart just for you. With the curves I'm using, flying a 4:30 flight of nothing but circuits in 'normal' mode at barely-above-hover speed consumed about 95 mAh. Of course, you're not supposed to discharge LiPos beyond 80%, so that would be approximately 5:40 to the 80% discharge point with a 150 mAh cell. (Never rely on LVC, as flying to LVC on any of the Eflite or PZ UM aircraft will discharge the batteries to 90-95%. Doing that even once will cause at least some battery damage, and doing it more than a couple times or so will cause them to die very early.)

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