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Originally Posted by arnav View Post
So just in case you were wondering how the day went.. I was the only one (nuts enough?) at the field which is rare for a Sunday. It was funny, I was getting calls saying "your are not flying are you?" If you guys didn't motivate me, I probably wouldn't have. The winds were at 20 to 29 mph. A new high wind record for me.
You will be disappointed to know I didn't fly the Edge. However, I am happy I didn't. I realized/concluded that "landing in [high wind] is a maneuver" which requires practice much like anything else (sound familiar? ). I guess we are spoiled down here as this is only the 2nd or 3rd high wind flying day this year so you could say we are not used to it. Today though was much less than a blur than yesterday. I went through 9 packs specifically to practice landings. I thought I would have to dart it in, and in fact it was the opposite (3D-ish?). It required very careful management of the throttle and a lot more attention/concentration. I left the field much more comfortable. Knowing how much better the Edge flies than the Mosa II, I can totally see now how it is doable (especially if wind is a normal occurrence for you). Turns out flying in wind like that can actually be fun such as when the Plane take off after 2 feet vertically up... It is scary tough when on final approach the wind bounces the Plane 10 feet up and down.
Fly low, [and in high wind..]
That a boy! You will never get better or confident at this hobby if you don't push a little. Always good to have a "practice" airframe around for those questionable days. Mine is the Tech One 1100 (43") Yak 54. It's a lot of fun and as you found out you usually have a field to yourself. If your plane is even moderately 3 D capable (and if the wind is strong enough it doesn't have to be) then just Harrier down final, high nose attitude controlling sink with throttle. As you found out there is no need to maintain ground speed. The airplane flies in the relative wind- if no wind airspeed is 20 mph on final, with a 20 mph headwind the airplane doesn't know the difference. Resulting ground speed is zero, hence vertical final to 0 feet ground rollout. Just plan any downwind and crosswind flying ahead of time to compensate for the drift. Once into the wind you can do your entire routine in one spot! Keep practicing. Watch out at the field if a few people are up at the same time as you and a gust front comes in, they will want you to land all their planes! Have fun, fly low and slow. Well done.
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