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Originally Posted by turboparker View Post
It does last longer. 3 minutes of aerobatics vs 4 minutes of sport-flying. But expecting the flight-time of a high-performance CP 3D heli (even when flown very conservatively) to be similar to that of a similar-weight, extremely low-performance FP coaxial bird when flown aggressively is similar to expecting the the gas mileage of a Ferrari F12berlinetta driven as if there were an egg under the gas pedal to be similar to that of, say, a Toyota Camry with a 4-banger when driven aggressively (the cars are of similar weight). However, things very rarely work out that way - due to differences in efficiency. For instance - the nCP X uses symmetrical blades, while the mCX uses undercambered blades. The mCX has a very low headspeed, while the nCP X has a much higher headspeed. Therefore, the nCP X requires more input power to the rotor just to hover & fly around, even though the birds weigh about the same.

That's actually a very good analogy and good explanation. Thanks!
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