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Originally Posted by Bivens View Post
I fly mine built the same way I've built all other 3dhs planes. While it flies with "trim" it does very well for me. I don't attempt to compete but just love my Osiris for flying nice straight lines and having fun. I can't argue with those that want to adjust for a perfect setup but I cannot say I'm an expert pattern pilot by any stretch of my imagination....but it flies well even if you never get out the fancy tools....overall it is possible to just build and fly if that is ok...and it is ok with me. Definitely a plane I enjoy when I get it out.
I think I need to clarify a couple of things. I am a great admirer of Andrew Jesky and was looking forward to purchasing a plane developed by him. The plane did not come from the factory with his design specs. I am not trying to fine tune the plane to pattern specifications. I only wanted a flyable plane to practice pattern maneuvers and out of the box this model was not.

In spite of the cg set to 7 inches recommended by AJ, the plane dove during normal flight. When I flew it inverted it climbed. During a vertical down line it tucked to the wheels. Something happened during manufacturing. If the plane would have flown neutrally I would have had no issues at all.
A robart incidence meter is a $40 tool and is easy to use.

The rest of the fix has been covered in earlier posts.
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