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Originally Posted by crvnation View Post
Now, that's a well used, "workin' man's" airplane right there!
Originally Posted by Kevin Greene View Post
VERY COOL!!!...Just for grins and giggles I flew the plane again a few minutes ago...The winds seem to be letting up by around 5mph...Due to the surrounding area and swirling winds I experienced some SEVERE down drafts that just about planted the plane into the ground...I backed off on the power and gave full up which pitched the plane upward in the down draft...At the moment of pitch up I added full power to fly out of the down draft...I landed in the street with 1/2 throttle!!!...What an exillerating flight!!!...

Even though I'm running an exterior 10 amp ESC I get hot cutoffs generated from the brick when running 3S....I don't understand this as I'm running an exterior ESC but taking the throttle signal directly from the brick...I would think that the brick ESC/regulators would be taken out of the equation but they haven't...My ESC is rated for 4S so I'm sure that the cutoffs when on 3S are related to the brick...But I'm running a 2500kv motor---I need to drop down to the 2300kv motor for 3S...

Your cutoffs are from the VR over-temping. slap a heasink on it and you'll be fine. The voltage regulator is really working hard to bring 11V down to 4.3V for the servos!

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