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Originally Posted by 62pilot View Post
And I can't understand how people keep believing the crap Rmoney keeps speading.
Correction, the MSM are the ones who spread it, after they have mixed it in with a liberal dash of heresay, misquotes and personal opinion.
They have countless newshounds digging through everything and anything they can get their eager hands on, all about only one candidate, while the other gets a free pass.
Questioning the character, personal integrity and track record is fine and dandy when it comes to one of them, but doing so with the other candidate is strictly out of bounds, politicaly incorrect, and perhaps might be concieved by some as perhaps even racist.
When the journalists at Univision broke the 'code of conduct' during their interview with Pres. Obama, you could almost hear the gasps and wringing of hands from the US MSM reporters, they swept that embarrassing episode off the headlines pretty quick, not even one of the US cable or network reporters took the cue or initiative to follow up and ask any similar type of tough questions, about broken promises, and the severe lack of any Hope or Change for that matter
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