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Originally Posted by Libelle201B View Post
That's interesting, Romney may be able to do that if elected, after all he is a moderate, but it's been very clear from the git go, confirmed by senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, that there will be no compromising and that the #1 priority of the right will be making Obama a one term president. These kinds of statements by one of the republican chiefs disproves your claim of bipartisanship.
Not only that, the congress avoided dealing with "the cliff" and basically have decided to let it go until after the election. They are afraid to take a stand, and are letting the people decide if we want the automatic cuts to drastically take place or how it should be lined up.

This deficit reduction plan is one of the attempts to reach across the aisle. It didn't stall in the White House, it stalled in the Republican controlled house.

The presidential election and the results of the congressional elections will both play a part in the resulting strategy for cutting deficits.

The tea party segment is once again only trying to disrupt, rather than fix. We will see how they fair in November. These are the same folks who professed they wanted the US to default on the debt payment, in order to let everything reset, not worrying about how that effected the country or the people most at risk.

We now have reports the countries with the most austere plans are failing the worst since the recession, and this is what the Republicans as tea partiers, want for us. Their ignorant one minded politics needs to be swept aside.
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