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Looking forward to the video! The B3D is absolutely uncanny in stronger winds. Was that on 2s or 3s? My record so far is 30 MPH gusting to 37 MPH - but that was on 3s. I don't think I'll be breaking that one anytime soon. The peak G-loads were so extreme that the plane suffered significant structural damage during the flight - which included stationary snaps, rolls, KE, and touch & goes - plus a few big-air loops & WOT passes. Three popped flying wire sets, a severed interplane strut, multiple creases in the wings, and stress-related damage around the elevator & aileron horns. But anything up to around 30 MPH seems to be just fine. I've got quite a few hours of wind-surfing in 25+ MPH winds on mine, and she's still hanging in there.

Hey Joel!!!...I was flying from a confined space (my back yard) and was afraid to do anything but fly level...My plane is on 2S with a 5030 GWS prop...My batteries are 300mAh 35C NanoTechs...I'm POSITIVELY CERTAIN that had I been using stock batts and prop my plane would have been blown down wind into the next county!!!...I don't think that I would have gotten the plane back when flown down wind with a stock setup...My plane did execute a 1/2 roll uncommanded in the wind as shown in the vid...As you know when winds are measured they are at ground level and up higher the winds are stronger...When I flew winds were actually 25mph with gusts to 32mph...At approximately 2:25 into the vid you can hear the winds kick up to almost a hurricane roar as the mic did it's best to muffle the wind noise...

Here's the caption in the video description:

"Winds were actually 25mph and gusting to 32mph at ground level...WInds up higher are much faster...The Beast doesn't go much faster than 40mph so when I launched I was scared I wouldn't get the plane back when I went down wind!!!"

You can hear my commentary in the vid...Now that I've flown the Beast 3D in these strong winds I can say that at least I tried it...Now, I'm not going to fly my plane in these winds again as I can say "Been there, done that!!!"...


Beast 3D 20 30MPH winds (3 min 8 sec)
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