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Originally Posted by Bill0 View Post
I'm building a plane now, so pictures would be nice, you know, help us noobs out. I can't quit get the picture in my head from all the talk, pictures sure would be nice, even maybe a couple of videos of how well everything is working.
Hey Bill, I'm certainly not a pro or anything (brand new to RC and FPV!) but I've been documented my Sky Surfer build on my rcgroups blog, in case you want to see some pictures of how another newbie is putting their plane together

And already have a set of crash photos up

Originally Posted by ckman View Post
I've been flying my easystar with FPV gear on and recording onto laptop with easy cap video capture. I need to get goggles or larger screen for FPV flight. I have the RMRC 1.2ghz starter package. I hope the video quality is better on goggles or watching on larger screen, because my recordings from the easycap onto a laptop are not real good and it's not from interference. Any in put as to where I go from here? Goggles or screen? Different recording device? How do you record and use goggles or screen at the same time? I've gotten this far with the help on this forum. Can't wait for that first FPV flight. I have an EZ OSD, but haven't even installed it yet. I will be asking for help with that later.
I have the Fatshark Predator goggles. I'm not sure about other goggles, but on the Predators there is an output jack which you can use to record/view on a screen while still using your goggles. It's a 2.5mm headphone jack, and the goggles come with a 2.5mm to component adapter, so you basically get component RCA video/audio out. It looks like the attached cable.

You can use that video output to record on whatever (camcorder, easycap, computer, etc)

I've never flown with a screen, but I really like flying with the goggles. The video quality is excellent and definitely limited by the camera quality, not the screen. It takes a little while to get used to the field of view (everything is black outside the FOV) and can be a little disorienting when you first get started.

But it is very immersive and a lot of fun to fly.
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