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Originally Posted by Murocflyer View Post
What you see here Robert is a textbook example of Recreational Arguing. Some feel the need to argue about something solely for the sake of arguing. Some people seem to take pleasure in arguing with others and if they feel they "won" an argument, they are happy. Sadly, this is not against RCG rules and the only prevention is just not acknowledge their posts. These RAers will try and try to get you to argue with them, say nasty things about you in response to others to bait you into arguments, but hold your ground and say nothing back to them or simply say you are not interested. In time, one can hope they move on to other "victims."

In the 7 years here on RCG I have seem so of the best in human behavior and unfortunately, have seem some ugly things as well. I think RCG and other forums are an extremely valuable resource but I realized long ago that no everyone practices the golden rule. Another

Utter nonsense.

I comment on these proposals and I have done for years because I care about this website and I have a reasonable understanding of how it grew and how it functions.

The post above is exactly what I was speaking of when I mentioned making these issues personal. It does not address in any way, shape or form, the issue itself, it makes totally unwarranted accusations of "recreational arguing" and it does so towards a particular poster.
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