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Power loss due gasoline conversion has NOTHING to do with octane number or even with burning dynamics.

It has everything to do with the respective stoichiometric ratio of both fuels, and their respective caloric values: Gasoline has a two times higher caloric value by weight (even slightly more than two times) but in the same amount of air, you can burn roughly 2.5 times more methanol (by weight).

Therefore, the total chemically stored energy that is admitted at every cycle, is, as you mentioned, approximately 15% higher when using Methanol as fuel.

Timing, ignition requirements or burning characteristics don't have anything to do with that standard power difference.

You can take for example take a small two stroke petrol engine, and fuel it with methanol. Adjust the needles but don't touch the ignition, and you will see that power gain.... Has nothing to do with agressive timing....

Brgds, Bert
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