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My experience with them has been vastly different than that of flydiver.

I've used 3S 1100 (in lieu of 2S LiPO) on planes down in the 16-18 oz. and up size. Any of my planes that will use a 1500 mAH or larger LiPO can usually fly with a 4S A123. That is, in part, because I tend to over size the power system and not fly at full throttle all the time or most of the time.

The A123 cells hold voltage well and than fall off quicker from 3.0V and down at the end, that can be seen in the graphs above. But you don't have to be very smart to read the signals and/or plan ahead to avoid getting caught in the air with useless batteries.

If you are an ultralight or light weight plane kind of person and apply that to the build and power system, A123 probably will not work for you. But it is not the fault of the battery, it is more the fault of the person that tried to use it in the wrong place.

LiPO is what it is, A123 is what it is. They are apples and oranges to some extent. But the A123 cells can be as useful and are as wonderful as LiPOs in their own way. We are still waiting for the first A123 cell fire and most of us are still waiting for our first A123 cell to die in use. That is worth something.

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