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Originally Posted by geminiryan View Post
david22....please....i'm begging you. Think before you post. Does what i'm about to post belong in this forum? Is it going to be helpful and contribute to this forum? Am i posting for selfish reasons? I've been lurking quietly in this forum for sometime now. I've got nothing from your posts except your boasting about what you can do. You have yet to post any kind of pictures of your builds. It doesn't help us new guys if we can't see what your talking about. And honestly, i have a hard time sifting through your long-winded posts for useful information. And yes....we get it. You can use high powered tx in close proximity to other components. Enough of that. The thing is, those of us who are new don't want to use high powered equipment, there is no need. So please, help us out and post some pics/diagrams/scribbles/anything to show what your talking about.
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