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DAT-750 LRK Wind - New Test Data

OK, new data for figuring out the efficiency thing:

Full throttle tests runs of approx 20 seconds duration, temps are at start and end of run, post run peak temp is the highest temp seen after stopping and before it started dropping again.

Props used are APC Thin Electric, APC Slow Fly, and Great Planes Slow Fly

Thrust estimates are from thrust calculator (I am not set up to measure thrust).

DAT-750 motor, 19 turn LRK wind terminated Wye

No load = 10,014 RPM, 12.47V, 1.92A = 803.05 kV

APC TE 13 X 8
3S = 4473 RPM, 10.42V, 11.90A, 124W, temp 66F 73F
4S = 5022 RPM, 14.95V, 14.75A, 221W, temp 74F to 86F

3S thrust estimate = 769g
4S thrust estimate = 979g

GP SF 11 X 4.5
3S = 5245 RPM, 10.53V, 10.38A, 109W, temp 72F to 78F (115F post run peak)
4S = 5958 RPM, 15.19V, 12.44A, 189W, temp 76F to 92F (105F post run peak)

3S thrust estimate = 707g
4S thrust estimate = 933g

GP SF 10 X 7
3S = 4543 RPM, 10.22V, 12.07A, 123W, temp 69F to 80F (89F post run peak)
4S = 5251 RPM, 14.99V, 14.16A, 212W, temp 73F to 95F (111F post run peak)

3S thrust estimate = 472g
4S thrust estimate = 635g

APC SF 10 X 4.7
3S = 5724 RPM, 10.56V, 8.77A, 93W, temp 71F to 73F (83F post run peak)
4S = 6563 RPM, 15.37V, 10.69A, 164W, temp 71F to 77F (89F post run peak)

3S thrust estimate = 584g
4S thrust estimate = 787g

I really appreciate the help, guys!

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