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Originally Posted by CSI View Post
Thanks for the reply! Seems nobody is still around flying this nice twin?

Anyway....I spent some time this evening experimenting with the 2 motors and fans.
I pulled all the wires and RX out and put each esc on the programmer.
Seems I somehow had ended up putting one esc on HI timing and the other on low timing. Go figure?
I tried running them on low, med, and hi timing, but found the motors only liked to run on low together. On medium and hi settings, ONE of the motors would really have troubles running smoothly. It would jump between steps while throttling up and down. Definitely not a smooth transition. This went away when set to low timing.
I also tried normal, soft, and super soft startup settings. They only liked super soft. They would jitter a bit on the other two settings.

Finally, I removed the rotors for one more good balancing session. I got them as good as I can do. I also reset the full throttle setting for them to make sure they have the full range.

They are definitely running a bit better together now. There is still some harmonics that don't sound good together at several different speeds, but much better and not near as loud/clashing as before.

I checked the runs with my wattmeter. On the 3s lipos I was pulling about 30 amps together. This was consistent using multiple lipos.

I next put them on a 4s pack. I liked the sound a lot better. The harmonics clash didn't seem as bad sounding as on 3s. The amp draw went up to 40 for the pair. 20 each on those 40 amp esc's isn't too bad!

I have decided to fly her on the same lipos I use on my Dynam Meteor....4s 3300mAh. Since I will be able to fly at a much lower power setting, I think flightimes will be pretty good, as compared to my 3600mAh 3s combo.

I can't wait to give her another try now. Even better, I have enough 3300 packs to fly multiple times. I was running short on my 1800mAh 3a packs. All good?!

I also forgot to mention in my previous post: I inserted CF spars in the horizontal stabs to strengthen them up too. I also sprayed my normal WBPU spray coating on the entire airframe which really makes the foam nice...smooth, shiny, and a bit stronger.

Wish me luck,
Ken, Your luck is wished..!!
I watch with much amazment the good and bad of this reading... Funny for this is my 1st EDF and seemingly all is normal out of the box.. I can tell its no speed demon, however I wouldn't nickname it a "slouch".. Fans seem balanced enough as to no noticable issues.... I am happy for trying to "time" my ESCs would intimidate me..!! I read with amazement the battery size you stuff in there... I am flying currently with a high "c" 2200mah 3s.. Flaps, gear and all.. Seems more than adequate...Scale like.. Perhaps after more stick time I'll stuff in a 2200 4s I have.. Never put a watt meter to it.. Anyway, I read every thing personnally, Don't always chime in,, Love my Turbo jet and all my kids in the fleet... I have to "rotate" my flying time between them..!! (A bunch)... CliffName: Guiness Jet at Field 004.jpg
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