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Originally Posted by peterlngh View Post
One can also find very good electronics that cost less than the recommended items.

We also should not belittle the brains of our feathered, distant, relatives. Most birds use language, most can solve problems, and some can even use tools. Heck! Some crows actually make tools! It really isn't much of an insult to call someone a "bird brain". And they fly much, much, better than we can.

Over the decades I've been flying I have shared thermals and slopes with many birds and I have only out climbed them on a few, maybe four, occasions. I suspect that's because they weren't trying.
Birds are what clearly demonstrated to scientists that brain size DOESN'T equate to intelligence,,, bigger ISNOT always better in brains. In the field of animal intelligence there was a VERY well known African Grey parrot named Alex who had been studied for 25 years. Alex could name hundreds of objects when you held them up and tell you what that object was used for,, but most impressively he could put words together in sentances not taught to him by anybody ,,, another words ,,,, expressing his thoughts,,, not just mimicking !!
Pretty impressive for a brain the size of a pea!!! It was estimated he had intelligence equal to about 5 year old human
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