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Originally Posted by bogbeagle View Post
"My personal experience is that I can leave my OS FS91 Surpass III with spark ignition running at idle, and it will literally run until either battery or tank is empty."

Ahem ... that's not evidence ... that is only one engine in one set-up.

Seriously, I think that the "legendary reliability" of petrol engines is a bit over-done. I've run many a sparkie ... and seen many hundreds fly ... dead-sticks are not uncommon.

(all of the above In My Opinion)
According to your post, as far as CDI/metanol reliability, you were basing your "facts" on one Saito 180 engine set up for CDI & you still haven't revieled the brand of CDI that was employed..

Since 1997 I have run C&H CDI on 6 different Saito engines from an FA91S to an FA300TTDP & have NEVER had a dead stick or engine stoppage due to the CDI failing.

I tried on-bord glow, it will not provide the low dependable idle speed, increased fuel ecomnomy, increased power or the easy starting characteristics of CDI.

Not all petrol engines are CDI, none of them as far as I know are OEM C&H CDI.

RCXEL ignitions are a cheap Chinese made knock-off of the early C&H CDI & the RCEXL ignitions have shown to be a crap shoot as far as quality control.

The OEM Saito systems have a horrible reputation & when they are converted to C&H ignition W/a ZAMA or Walbro carburetor, the reliability issues vanish,

Many gasser engine users upgrade to CDI.

The FA180HC in my YT video will idle @ 1100 RPM until the tank runs dry too. My FA91S @ 1700, FA150A @ 1400, (2 of them) my stadard compression FA180 @ 1200 & my FA300TTDP will do the same.

Is it just a fluke that every Saito engine I testW/C&H CDI has a more reliable low speed idle, more power output, better fuel economy & better hand starting habits than they did W/glow ignition, onboard or not?

I did thourough test for all of the above parameters W/GI/methanol as well as CDI/methanol W/each of the above engines W/the exception of the FA300TTDP that was never even started on glow ignition

That's 6 different engine so far W/the same geat results.

How many engines have you tested W/CDI/methanol?
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