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It's a regular thing for the big dogs to report sessions where the fastest laps are missed. Part of the game unfortunately. Short answer is without the numbers, nobody knows. It's just speculation. My own feeling is yes, it was well above the fastest I went at Weldon for several short bursts. I was going so deep it was ridiculous, but it shot out at terrifying speed, and I've never seen the DSX's wing shudder full span like that as it crossed the shear. But it was so hard to get the good line because there was a massive hose of air blasting down the back from our left, and if you followed the normal line the plane got hugely smacked about. A couple of times, trying a normal line, the plane came out of the bottom turn and slowed down and wobbled about like it was drunk ... scary stuff but it got back over the lip OK. I seemed to get the best result by diving the plane down and away from us, then doing a tight bottom turn so it came back at us at an angle. But that line put the plane a long way away. If I tightened it up with a closer bottom turn, it lost the power. Maybe that's why it got missed. The other thing that was happening was interference to the gun. We only had one gun up there (other one was in the car, but there wasn't a spare person to hold it anyway as there were 3 of us and one was videoing). Same thing as happened earlier that day at Sugarloaf ... the gun kept giving readings of 445 I think, and so half the time was spent rebooting it, or it wouldn't hold the peak memory.

It was freakingly fast. I think we were all shocked how quick it was. But the whole scene was pretty crazy and we were not in a calm sort of state like DSing at a good hill. The wind noise was huge, and even standing behind the rocky bump it was still windy, but not enough to knock you around. We had to yell, it was so noisy. When Alex got the first 445 reading, he yelled out something like "holy crap!" and actually believed it for a bit, till we had time to think about it and realized it must be a mistake.

Anyway who cares about the speed ... OK it would have been FANTASTIC to have got a big speed, but I have no regrets ... what a blast, I'm stoked to have flown it in those wild conditions and taken home the DSX in one piece! A memory I'll never forget.
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