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Originally Posted by bogbeagle View Post
Absurd it may sound.

Them's the facts, as I found 'em. I didn't expect it either.

But, that's the thing about evidence ... it doesn't care about your preconceptions or bias.
Aehm.... that's not evidence.... that is only one engine, in one set-up.
If many people reported the same as you, it could be called a trend, still not evidence since you don't have info on the skills of those people.

More than one invention or piece of technology failed to become a success not because it was flawed, but because either people were not ready for it yet, or general skill levels were not high enough for the product to be used successfully

One of the best examples of "not the best technology, but more succesfull than its technologically better competitors" is everything microsoft makes, another is for example VHS video system being more succesfull than the technological and qualitative better V2000.

Fact is, that any engine with a spark ignition will run as reliable as that spark ignition. Usually a spark ignition is more reliable than a glow ignition....
there you have it....

My personal experience is that I can leave my OS FS91 Surpass III with spark ignition running at idle, and it will literally run until either battery or tank is empty.
It will do that over the full range of the low speed needle in which it will run. As long as there is an ignitable mixture, it will ignite and keep running.
At any other throttle setting it will run completely steady and it seems to deliver noticeable more power, on the same fuel I used to run it on as a glow engine.
The thing is: with glow, it would not run reliable on any other fuel, but with spark ignition, nitro content does not have any influence on its running anymore....

Brgds, Bert
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