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I'm not an expert in aerodynamics but I think you right on first statement and wrong or partially right on second.

Many years flying in flight simulators I went thru painting, scenery and aircraft modelling, tuning of aerodynamics and writing gauges. I got some knowledge from that hobby.

COL (center of lift) is fixed for particular airfoil and you cannot change it's location without replacing the wings. But you can change location of center of gravity by moving of weight distribution in aircraft. This is why in real aviation they calculate the map of passenger and baggage distribution between cabin and cargo sections and in R/C aviation we moving batteries or adding a ballast.

So, the second statement could be as right as wrong. This is why in docs or forums for Bixler or SkySurfer CoG published as 61mm. Just to be sure that this aircraft will remain as glider.
The COL is still behind the COG, if the plane was so tail heavy that the COG was behind the COL then you would be so tail heavy that the plane would not fly. I know that you can move the COG but again every aerofoil has a specific COG point that will have the plane flying best.
P.S I am currently taking my full sized pilots license and this is one of the first things I was briefed on.
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