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Cooling is very important, HoosierGuy. I've added extra cooling scoops and/or vents plus exit holes in all of my electric planes. The small areas affected will not make much if any difference in handling. Here's what I would do.

Cut out the original cooling holes. Then find a low stress area on the bottom of the fuse and drill enough holes to equal twice the area of the intakes. 1-3 5mm holes should be about right. Then cut a couple pie wedges of cardboard just big enough to make a smooth scoop for your intakes. Use a little CA to tack them onto the intake holes and, once they are where you want them, soak the rest of the cardboard with CA. You could also use most any plastic. I used half of a plastic spoon to make one big intake scoop on my ASW 28 and used parts of the handle to make the small intake scoops on my Specter. Plastic bottles work too.

BTW. On my ASW the battery sits on top of the ESC. So? I glued two short pieces of thin, about 2mm, plastic tube on the ESC to allow a little air to pass between them. They come down cool to the touch when it's cold out and barely warmer than the air temp when it's hot.
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