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so with luck I will be able to maiden this thing tomorow. One thing that worries me. I did make the wing largeer, I added an inch in length to the winglets and width of the main wing. But it is also 238 grams, the otheres came in at around 190-200 grams. The other versions have 189^2" of wing area, YF-X241 MkII has 210^2".

So its got an 8% larger wing but is also 25% heavier.... This may not end well, but I think it will be over quickly. According to the calculator Ive got about 5.76oz/sq. ft lift ratio, and an estimated 11.9mph stall speed. the "A" and "B" models come in very close to that at 5.26oz/sq. ft loading and 11.4mph stall speed. This makes me feel a little better about the aircraft since I know "A" and "B" flew well. The main problem with "X" was how close the canards where to the CoG and how small they where. I've got them 2" further ahead then before.

I think most of the weight is the much larger motor. Im also running a 7x3 prop.

Im not crazy about the tails. I may change them back to the older design should this thing fly. Right now Im just trying to go over what I can do to make sure the first flight goes well.
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