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Originally Posted by LoneWolfRC View Post

Just to be clear, so the mixes set up on a KE will continue to work in a high beta KE? Or do you need to get fancy for high alpha/beta, and have mix regions where the perecentage changes based on deflection?

Also, are the mixes airspeed dependant--guess not or you'd need a pitot tube with telemetry.
A well-done curved mix puts the proper corrections in for pitch and roll at all rudder angles...will take some time to get right for you..but once it's done, it will "feel" great at all angles of KE....slow speed KE takes more rudder, but you have the right mix there.....high speed takes little rudder...but you have the right mixes there too. A proper "curve" typically takes a while to get right because you are flying several passes at different speeds (with different rudder deflections)...take the time to work on it, and the plane will track very well with minimal corrections needed......

You'll know you are getting very close when you will be able to start off with a high speed KE approach with little rudder input and lower the throttle as you add rudder...slowing down but maintaining altitude with more rudder....transitioning into slow HAKE. When your mixes are right, this is very easy to fly.
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