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Well I hope everyone got twisted today

I got out for about 1.5 hours in the evening. The last time I took the big slick out I broke the muffler. I put a new one on and not thinking anything of it left for the turf farm without any tools. Well I got there and had a heck of a time getting the motor to start. It finally started after about wearing my arm out but it wouldn't run worth a crap so I knew I had some tuning to do and the tools were sitting at home in the garage.

I hurried and ran drove home and grabbed up some tools and went back. Well, I finally got it to run ok but it still wasn't right. I had a guy out there that had never seen a model fly so I finally gave up on getting a real good tune and flew it for him anyway. It ran like crap and wouldn't settle down to a regular idle. After about 3 or 4 minutes of flying high with an occasional tumble or roller thrown in I started making landing approaches. The idle wouldn't settle down enough for me to get an inefficient glide for it to settle down for landing. I finally just made a pass as slow as I could and cut the motor. The landing was great and not much of a hike. All in all it was a fun 5 min of flying with about 1.5 hours of tinkering. I wish I was better at tuning...

I was just happy to be out in the nice weather after sitting inside working on a tax return for class. I have been cranking really hard on it for the past two days. It is due on Monday along with a whole pile of other work.
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