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Originally Posted by theKM View Post
Mixes: they're a trim step in making a plane fly accurately. we don't want the plane rolling or yawing if we pull or push on the elevator, similarly we don't want pitching or yawing when we put in a roll input... so by the same logic we don't want the plane pitching or rolling with a yaw input

so, mix as needed, leave the mixes on all the time... it's just part of trimming a plane to fly to the inputs that you input, and nothing else.

coupling effects every maneuver with yaw input, it's just that it's most obvious when flying knife edge.

Just to be clear, so the mixes set up on a KE will continue to work in a high beta KE? Or do you need to get fancy for high alpha/beta, and have mix regions where the perecentage changes based on deflection?

Also, are the mixes airspeed dependant--guess not or you'd need a pitot tube with telemetry.
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