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Currently I'm using 8 Enercell AA cells connected in series for an individual pack. For the test I did with a pack connected in parallel it was a second pack that was the same. Currently I've got my ESC programmed not to have a cutoff, but according to the specs it needs at least 7.4V to run. When using an individual pack (8 cells), it will draw ~1A before it cuts out, with two packs in parallel I can get double that at ~2A, maybe just a little over and I can push it up to ~65% max before it stops. Each cell is 2500maH, and from what I've read it seemed like they should be able to discharge at 1C, so I was thinking I should be able to get 2.5A out of one pack, and 5A with two in parallel, but I'm not really anywhere near that.

So then it sounds like my battery pack isn't up to the task. If there is a NiMH battery that can do better which would you suggest? Would a C or D cell discharge better? I've stayed away from the larger sizes because putting 8 of them in series to get a good voltage would be pretty heavy. Right now I'd rather not get going with a LiPo battery because my only working space is my living room with plenty of things that wouldn't agree with a LiPo battery issue should I have an accident.
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