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Originally Posted by danielnc06 View Post
Hi everyone,

I've been on this thread for a while now and have had my naza for 2-3 weeks and it has amazed me up until today... last night, i perfected my gps mounting dimensions so it would hold position a bit better and then flew for 40 minutes with it flying great.. altitude and gps hold was working great.. I planned to do the same today so i took it out and put it in gps hold and went to hover...and it started doing this altitude hold "bounce" first cycle is say a 1 ft in amplitude which grows to about 10 ft of up and down.. I think to myself..."weird, i haven't changed my gains..." so i check the props for tightness, arms for straightness, etc. everything looks great just like the night before. So then i decide to investigate thinking that its over-correcting so i drop the vertical gain to 50%... it still does it....raised to 200%... it still does it...calibrated my Tx luck

It flys great in manual mode... no surges in power no twitches and holds throttle level oscilations..

In att. and atti+gps mode, theres no problems with pitch/roll/yaw... just altitude hold

I believe if i had been higher than 10ft. off the ground it would have exponentially grown until it would have fallen so fast that it may not be stable and flip in the prop wash..

i was out there flying troubleshooting this for 20 minutes.. plenty of time for the temperature to acclimate the difference of 15 degree (~60F outside)

My settings which have not changed since day 2 (about since at least 15 5000mah batteries of flight ago)

165% pitch 165% roll 130% yaw 130% vertical and 200% attitude on both.

any ideas or past experiences?

faulty baro. sensor?


i started flying in manual, and at 18 sec. I switch to gps mode.. all of the roll pitch inputs are me. It will randomly go into this oscillation even if i do not move the pitch roll stick. But doing this motion sends it into it earlier...sorry for the poor video. my phone was not wanting to cooperate either..!

when i was having this problem i power cycled it a few times (waited about 15 seconds between cycles) no luck still had the issue with two separate batteries.

I came inside and wrote this post, then decided to troubleshoot some more outside.. took the quad back outside.. and voila!.. no more issues... with the same two batteries... flew for 30minutes trouble free.... I am thinking maybe a cold solder joint of the baro?.... my motors, escs, power distribution board and frame have been the same for the past years with several FC's the only change to my setup has been flashing the escs with simonk firmware.
there's been some issues with "sunlight" creating similar problems. Go back a few pages and you'll see that some have solved this by putting electrical tape on the side of the FC to fix it. I don't know that this is your problem but, worth looking at!
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