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I generally run straight in my engines ... all of which are 4-strokes... all of which have standard compression.

The cost comes right down when you abandon nitromethane.

You can certainly run a glow engine on methanol and spark ignition. I've done it, successfully.

BUT I found that the setup was less reliable than running the same engine in its standard form, and using glow augmentation at low rpm. So, imo, there's no advantage to running methanol and spark ignition.

In fact, I find that glow augmentation, plus a fuel pump, gives phenomenal reliability ... I'd say that it's as good as a typical spark-ignition engine.

Some figures which I compiled a couple of years' back. Saito 1.80, with Perry Pump and glow augmentation at low rpm. The engine flew 32 hours in my Stampe, without a dead-stick. Then, it was removed from the model. Now, that's pretty good. Prior to the Saito, the model was fitted with a Zenoah 23, for some 150 + flying hours ... and I can assure you that there were a few dead-sticks in that time.
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