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Thanks ... man I'd love to do a UK DS trip. Come to think of it, I'd love to do a DS trip to anywhere!!! Or a trip to anywhere, even if there was no DS. OK, ok, I'll take any trip anywhere for anything! But I'm not sure what the future for AvB expeditions is ... I've been unbelievably fortunate to do these 3 trips in the last 18 months. It's not something I had done prior to that, and I don't know what the future holds. I'm sure I give the impression of being a semi-retired free agent but in fact we still have a big family with lots of commitment, full time care for our disabled daughter, running a small business etc, and the only reason I've flown the coop for these adventures is because of my incredibly generous, loving, capable, stoic, understanding wife. And believe me that's not any exaggeration. And my older kids who despite all the hair-tearing-out I did when they were small, have strangely turned out to be remarkably mature and helpful! When I make these trips, I half expect one of life's regular crises to scotch the plans, so I am never 100% sure I'm going till I'm on the plane. Then I have to be very contactable when away, and in the back of my mind I know I may have to cut the trip short at any time for work or family reasons. Truly it's a miracle that I've got on the plane for all 3 trips, and have not come back early. I nearly did this time when things got to much at home. We had a late night Skype and Janet was upset, overwhelmed with tiredness and problems ... not a good scene, and the next day I wasn't feeling any good, knowing she was exhausted, running a fast treadmill and juggling too much at home. But she insisted that it was OK and she'd feel like a failure if I had to come home, and we hung on and things got back under control. (side issue ... Important tip for men here ... when your woman says she can't cope and she has to talk to you, don't fall into the usual trap of trying to work out solutions. It's taken me a lifetime to learn that sometimes all your woman needs is to "download" it all on you, and they feel better! I know, weird ... ). Anyway, I am very blessed. I hope one day things settle down enough that we can get away more easily together, rather than separately. She's off to visit some friends in the US soon, so I'll be holding the fort ... except it's not the same for me because she's frozen a pile of precooked dinners in advance!

Anyway, off topic, sorry. Haha I can see the MG rating (Mountain Goat) becoming a statistic on the DS site pages on RC Speeds!
Zero = park and fly, wheelchair flyer accessible.
10 = pack crampons and rope, suitable only for people who've qualified for iron man triathlons in the last 6 months.
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