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Originally Posted by fishboy77 View Post
Gryphon if we assume my numbers are right then 1.3 kW static is good for about 175 mph with this airframe. Can that info be used to calculate how much power will be needed for 200 mph?

Cube (200/175) = 1.493 so extra 50% more power (Watts)....but likely a bigger prop than minimum size needed for 175 MPH.


Battery capability comparison: (assuming same C rating and manufacturer)

5S-2200 : 5X2200= 11,000
6S-1600 : 6X1600= 9,600

11,000 / 9600 = 1.146 so nearly 15% more capability at same strain on cells.

Ofcourse cell count has to match KV and application, but if motor is not on hand and suitable motor and prop are available,....then it is worth trying to series 3S-2200 and 2S-2200

Cube root of that extra battery capability gives 4.6% more speed at same cell strain.

So a bit of dirty math here, but might help all out efforts for this frame's top speed runs.


I don't know the ideal size prop needed for 200 MPH.
Pending KV and prop needed, I wonder about 16/X/X Q or EQ .
3.2mm , 4mm , 5mm shafts.

Q option will place the inrunner out in front of plane due to mounting holes on both end of motor.

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