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Originally Posted by 2400RDR View Post
As I understand it, in the 4.7 firmware, the roll pot controls P for pitch and roll, the Pitch pot controls I for pitch and roll, and the yaw pot still controls the yaw.

Suggested initial setup is roll pot = 50%, Pitch pot = 0% and yaw pot = 50%.

Here is a post from the Kaptain himself describing it:

Give this setup a try and see what happens. By the way, zero on the pots is fully counterclockwise. Also, you should realize that this board doesn't self level- you trim it to be as level as possible, but you still have to fly it. It looks to me that the zip tie you used may be defeating the vibration isolation effects of the foam. Try getting rid of that too.

Thanks Rick, I just tried these settings. Got about the same results as before.
I also read that zero on the pots is fully counterclockwise, but for some reason this is not my experience. When the pots were at 50% and I wanted to lower the gain, I had to turn the pots CW, and not CCW.
I'm sure my gains aren't reversed. I guess if they were reversed I wouldn't stay in the air more than 2 seconds. I double checked them.
Also, when I tried to set the I pot at 0% (which should be fully CCW), the quad pitched down like crazy. I set it fully CW and the P pot to about 30% from fully CW, and it's back to normal.
I don't know what I'm missing here.
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